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Ultimate Pit Foam Socks

Lycra Pit Foam Socks are a growing trend in the gym pit foam industry. With long term benefits of increasing the lifetime of your pit foam and reducing foam particulates in the gym we can see why our customers have been requesting them.

As we conducted thorough and ongoing research directly into others available on the market we wanted to create the best pit foam sock available at an extremely competitive price. Introducing the GB Foam Ultimate Pit Foam Sock.

What is so special about our Lycra Pit Foam Sock?

Pit Sock Foam - Blue & Green Gym Log

Perfect Fit Double Stitch: Our pit foam socks have been created to such a high standard that each seam fits perfectly around your pit foam; giving a smooth tight finish and removing that sagging edge you see on other pit foam socks out there.

Pull String Locking Technology: Our ultimate pit foam sock has been created with a specialist stitched hem that keeps your foam inside but easy to get on and off as required. This pull string has been designed to only loosen up when you want to access your foam; reducing the build-up of foam particulates at the bottom of your gym pit.

Machine Washable: Foam itself is anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic but with the introduction of pit socks you are adding a surface for bacteria to grow in order to increase the lifetime of your foam. As such you will need to clean your pit socks from time to time and ours have been created from a specialist material that will not shrink or lose their vibrant colour after being machine washed.

Fire Retardant: Unlike other pit foam socks in the marketplace, the GB Foam sock meets all UK guidelines on fire testing. We are the only gym pit sock provider to publish our fire certificate to back up our claims unlike other cheap alternatives being sold in the marketplace as NFPA701. At the moment there is no standard fire tests for pit socks. As we only wanted to create the safest on the market we designed our socks to exceed fire regulations and conform to BS7177; the same level of safety you expect in your home!

After many months of vigorous testing the ultimate pit foam socks at a local gym we are confident we have the very best available on the market right now and we would be more than happy to send one to you to test for yourself.

Be Careful of Cheap Imitation Pit Foam Socks

Foam Pit Fire Retardant

During the production of our new Ultimate Pit Foam Sock our team looked into other Lycra pit foam socks readily available. However, what came next was worrying to say the least.

As we conducted thorough and ongoing research directly with manufacturers in China and India (to try produce a pit foam sock at the market sector price point of £1.30 each) we discovered that claims of current pit socks being Fire Retardant was incorrect. The manufacturers we spoke to couldn’t achieve the price themselves at cost of the FR material.

A simple test of setting a competitor’s pit foam sock alight on fire retardant foam turned into a flame that did not want to extinguish itself. We knew at this time that the cover material did not meet the NPFA 701 fire test standard, which it claimed it does. The cover would have self-extinguished within two seconds after the ignition source was removed if this was the case.

If you are not already worried, we would highly recommend if you own a gym pit with these pit foam socks that you test your pit socks with this very simple method.

We believe this is one of those instances where you get what you pay for. Our market research has shown that people don’t want an inferior product made in China that is both unsafe and potentially dangerous.

As such, we are sticking to our company ethos and have designed the GB Foam ultimate pit foam socks right here in the UK; where fire regulations are of the utmost of importance to your safety.

We are the only supplier of ‘Pit Socks and Pit Boots’ in the UK who have published their fire testing results. There is no point supplying fabric covers which don’t offer the same level of protection as the foam it is put in place to protect. With cheaper non FR ‘Lycra Pit Socks’ you are opening yourself up to a level or risk that just isn’t necessary.

Buy from GB Foam today and ensure your Foam Pit exceeds all UK fire standards!

GB Foam’s Outdoor Pit Foam Sock Boot

Pit Foam Boot Outdoor Pit Foam Sock

If you own an outdoor gym pit you will know that due to the elements like rain and snow they require more maintenance than indoor pits. If left uncovered these pits can grow mould where the foam cubes don’t fully dry out after rain and can lead to complaints about sickness from athletes.

GB Foam have been working on a unique fix to this problem. Our outdoor gym pit sock boots use a patented anti-microbial, wipe clean, water resistant, welded PU cover; similar to what we use in our GB Healthcare mattress range sold to the NHS.

Now in addition to the basic pit foam sock benefits your gym pit will also be easier to clean (preventing bacterial overgrowth) meet all UK fire regulations and of course be made here in the UK!

With long term benefits of increasing the lifetime of your pit foam and reducing foam particulates in the pit we know you will love our new outdoor pit foam sock boots and will want to support the UK manufacturing industry in the process.