Climbing Wall Foam Pits For Sale in the UK

Rock Climbing Wall Foam Pit Foam

Looking to purchase climbing wall foam pits? You’ve come to the right place.

Indoor climbing walls are one of the best ways to stay fit whilst having tons of fun. Pushing your body to the limits, in order to scale high walls is certainly a very rewarding pastime. Although, if you were ever a daring child, who’d get their kicks out of climbing trees, you’ll likely know that climbing high can be dangerous. This is why many climbing gyms implement strict health and safety regulations in order to keep their visitors safe.

Climbing Wall Foam Pits – The Better Alternative

Climbing wall safety measures generally come in the form of harnesses, which strap around the climber’s waist. If the climber happens to lose their grip, they’ll be suspended in mid-air. Providing you have the correct equipment, alongside the right guidance, this has proven to be a relatively safe method.

With this said, however, climbing harnesses can be restrictive and uncomfortable. A much greater alternative to harnesses is to construct a foam pit beneath your climbing wall. Climbing wall foam pits allow your visitors to climb whilst completely unrestricted. They add a whole new level of fun to climbing walls. There’s nothing more exhilarating when climbing than knowing that aching arms or a misstep could see you falling down into the foam pit below. Your visitors still remain entirely safe, yet get to experience the thrill of climbing without feeling uncomfortable and restricted.

The Fun Doesn’t Stop With Climbing Wall Foam Pits

We’ve already covered how much more fun climbing wall foam pits are when compared to harnesses, however, there are more reasons why you should consider them.

Casting aside harnesses means that staff members do not need to attach them to visitors. This can be a time-consuming necessity, which slows the flow of climbing. A climbing wall foam pit allows climbing to proceed in a continuous manner. There’s no need to slow down every time somebody needs to be put into a harness. This is good news for both your visitors and your staff members.

Purchase Climbing Wall Foam Pits From Gym Pit Foam

We’ve been manufacturing foam products for over 40 years and have served many happy customers in our time. We’ve supplied foam pits to trampoline parks, gyms, skate parks and more. There’s a reason so many businesses have chosen to purchase foam pits from us. This is mostly due to the quality of our foam and our customer service values. All of foam cubes and foam logs exceed UK fire safety regulations and are made to ISO 9001 quality control standards. We only ever use the highest quality of foam in all of our products and will never stray from this.

If you wish to purchase climbing wall foam pits from us, there’s a couple of things to first consider. First of all, would you like to brand your foam pit colours? Here at Gym Pit Foam, we allow our customers the unique ability to colourise their pit foam to any RAL and Pantone colour. You should also make use of our online calculator, which will allow you to calculate the perfect amount of pit foam to suit your needs. Call one of our foam pit experts today on 01494 441177 to discuss our climbing wall foam pits in further detail.