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Ninja Park Foam Pits - Buy UK

The UK’s first and world’s largest Ninja Park (Total Ninja) has recently opened in Manchester, England and it’s punching, flipping and kicking up quite the storm.

Considering its immense popularity, we’re certain that many more Ninja Parks will pop up in the near future. Wherever there’s Ninja Parks, there must be foam pits, which is where we at Gym Pit Foam come in. We specialise in manufacturing foam cubes and foam logs for a range of businesses. If you’ve opened or are thinking of setting up a Ninja Park, call us today on 01494 441177.

We’ve supplied foam pits to hundreds of businesses across the UK and mainland Europe. Businesses including trampoline parks, extreme sports parks, gyms and more have experienced all of the benefits which our foam pits have to offer.

Ninja park foam pits are essential, due to the intense level of activity which takes place within Ninja parks. Our Ninja park foam pits help to protect the inner (and outer) warrior when training takes place. Not only do our foam cubes and logs make for great foam pits, they’re also perfect for filling up giant rope nets with. These rope nets are brilliant for climbing over and make an excellent addition to any Ninja Park.

What is a Ninja Park?

If you’ve ever watched the popular TV Show Ninja Warrior, then you’ll already have a good idea of what a Ninja Park is. For those unfamiliar with the show, allow us to enlighten you. Ninja Warrior originally aired in America, it was a spin-off from the popular Japanese show Sasuke. The show features hundreds of contestants, each competing for the title of Ninja Warrior. In order to achieve this prestigious title though, contestants must make their way through a gruelling obstacle course. Each obstacle varies in type and tests the contestant’s abilities in strength, speed and stamina.

Ninja Parks are inspired by this notion. They bring the idea of completing and conquering tricky obstacles to the general public. Ninja training doesn’t have to be serious, there’s nothing to say that you can’t have fun in the process.


Looking to buy some Ninja Park foam pits for your business? Look no further than Gym Pit Foam. We offer a wide range of competitively priced foam cubes and foam logs. What’s more, we can colourise them to any RAL or Pantone colour you desire. Choose from a wide selection of specialist foam including our Best Value Gym Pit Foam, High-Density Pit Foam and our XTREME Foam. Not only this, but you can even make use of our foam pit calculator. This helps to determine exactly how much foam you’ll need for your Ninja Park foam pit.

Your order of foam can be fully customised to your liking and preference. We can supply you with the correct amount of foam to suit your needs and create it in almost any colour you wish. We manufacture our pit foam whilst adhering to strict ISO 9001 standards. What’s more, our pit foam surpasses UK fire safety regulations meaning that it’s highly flame retardant; more so than many other foam types available elsewhere.

Take a look at the range of foam pit foam that we offer. Please call one of our pit foam experts on 01494 441177 if you need any help at all or wish to purchase Ninja Park foam pits from Gym Pit Foam.