Extreme Sports Foam Pits

Extreme Sports Foam Pits

Extreme sports foam pits are truly awesome!

Do you think Tony Hawk was crazy enough to pull off the 900 for the first time without a soft pit foam landing? Actually, he probably did back in 1999 as extreme sports foam pits weren’t as easily accessible as they are now. But that aside, if you want to learn the most gnarliest and craziest tricks out there, you don’t need to break your bones to practice anymore.

Introducing the GB Foam “Xtreme Foam” our special extreme sports foam. This premium specification foam, offers the highest density foam with the longest life expectancy available on the market. We have had many skate parks and BMX pits install this extreme sports foam to allow their customers to practice everything from a Superman to crazy cool backflips.

If you are looking for pit foam that will last and allow for the extra weight of expensive bikes (that you don’t want damaged) then this is the perfect extreme sports foam for the job.

Available in a full choice of over 233 RAL and Pantone colours, you can keep your skate park branding… Although we have to say our standard dark grey looks cool against the skate ramp wood grain.

Interested in getting the best extreme sports foam pit out there?

Call the GB Foam team on 01494 44 11 77. They might be terrible at skating, but they know all about safety and regulations to help ensure you and your park users enjoy themselves without serious injury! However, please don’t ask Jon in our sales team to come down to your park to try and skate; his mum still tells him to wear a helmet and enough pads to make him look like a member of the Legion of Doom.

Budget Backyard Foam Pit

If you are on a budget or maybe want to create a backyard pit for your own skate ramp speak to our team about foam offcuts. They might not look as cool as our Xtreme Foam, that comes in branded colours of your choice, but it will prevent you from cracking your head open whilst trying to learn a front flip on your board.