Foam Cubes and Their Many Uses.

The Possibilities Are Endless With Pit Foam Cubes!

There are plenty of uses for pit foam cubes. If you’ve got the imagination, the possibilities could be endless! The team at Gym Pit Foam have racked their noggins in an effort to devise some of the best uses for foam cubes. Behold our comprehensive list of the best uses we’ve seen and heard of for pit foam cubes.

Foam Cubes - Pit Foam Uses

The Best Uses For Pit Foam Cubes.

1. Foam Cubes for Extreme Sports.

Extreme sports and foam cubes go hand in hand like rhythm and blues. Some of the world’s greatest skate parks boast their very own foam pits for adrenaline junkies to dive straight into. To all you BMXers, skateboarders and even freestyle skiers; the only way to truly master those sick tricks is with some friendly, foamy protection.

2. Foam Cubes for Rock Climbing & Bouldering Walls.

Some people may class rock climbing as an extreme sport. That’s for you to decide, but either way we felt it deserved its own place on our list. Installing a foam pit at the bottom of your rock climbing wall can eliminate the need for safety harnesses. All the protection you need can be found right at the bottom of your wall within your foam pit. Personally we think removing safety harnesses adds to the tension and therefore adds to the excitement! Falling down into a foam pit is much more fun than receiving an aerial wedgie!

3. Foam Cubes for Kids.

What’s more fun to a child than diving head first into practically everything? However, kids are also relentlessly notorious for injuring themselves. With the help of pit foam cubes, the little ones can experience endless hours of fun without the potential for nasty accidents. Installing a foam pit into an indoor child’s play area is bound to score you plenty of brownie points.

4. Foam Cubes for Gymnastics.

Many fantastic gymnasts ascended to greatness with a little help from foam pits (and sheer determination). Foam cubes provide the protection athletes need to train to the max. From perfecting backflips to swinging on high bars, many athletes have foam cubes to thank for helping them become phenomenal.

5. Foam Cubes for Advertising Your Business.

In a recent blog post on our GB Foam Direct site, we discussed in detail, the importance of colour branding your foam cubes. By choosing pit foam cubes that match your company’s unique colour scheme, you can effectively promote your business! For further information on this subject matter, be sure to read Foam Pit Colours, Why Brand Them?

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