Foam Logs Vs Foam Cubes – Which Do You Prefer?

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The Ultimate Decision – Foam Logs or Cubes?

If you’re looking to install a foam pit in your gym or skate park, then you’ve got a big decision to make. Foam logs or foam cubes? OK, perhaps it’s not really such a big decision after all. Mostly the differences between the two are purely aesthetic. Whether you prefer the look of foam cubes over logs or vice versa is entirely up to you.

We’ve addressed the benefits of foam cubes in a previous blog post. If you’d like to read more on this be sure to check out Foam Cubes and Their Many Uses. Here we discuss in detail the many practical uses of foam cubes; surprisingly there’s plenty. Today however, it’s time for a close up with foam logs. We’ll be comparing both foam cubes and logs so that you can decide which you prefer.

Foam Logs For Foam Pits.

Foam logs are like the taller, older brother to foam cubes. Physically speaking they’re very similar, however one is substantially longer than the other. They both work to provide the same protection, however you’ll likely require less foam logs to fill a foam pit, when compared to cubes.

Just like foam cubes, foam logs provide gymnasts and extreme sports enthusiasts alike with the ultimate level of protection against injury. Whether you’re practicing backflips, tailwhips or kickflips, foam logs are there to support you along the way. They allow thrill seekers to push their bodies to extremes they may have never believed possible. Injuries are a sure way to put some people off of being bold for life. This is precisely why foam logs are so fantastic! You’re not going to injure yourself ollieing into a pit full of foam. That is unless your skateboard pounds you in the face, however that’s just very unfortunate.

Purchasing Foam Logs or Cubes From Gym Pit Foam.

As we mentioned, foam cubes and foam logs are very similar in terms of physical properties. No matter which you prefer, either can be crafted from a variety of quality foam at Gym Pit Foam. These foam types include our best value pit foam, high density pit foam or our prestigious XTREME FOAM. We can also colour match all foam purchased from us to almost all Pantone and RAL colours. This means that you can colour match your foam logs or cubes to a specific company branding.

Have you decided which you prefer? Like we said, it’s mostly aesthetic differences between foam logs and cubes. Of course it will take less foam logs to fill your foam pit, which could be the deciding factor for some. Speaking of filling your foam pit, it’s really easy to do so with Gym Pit Foam’s online calculator.

All you need to do is measure the width, depth and length of your foam pit, then input it onto the website in feet or metres. Our highly advanced pit foam calculator will then carry out all the difficult work. In no time at all, you will be provided with a comprehensive list of options to choose from. All of these options will also advise you on how many foam cubes or logs you’ll need to fill your foam pit. Simple right? Head on over to our Gym Pit Foam Calculator today and see how easy it is to get the foam pit you desire.