Foam Pit Safety – Creating a Safe & Enjoyable Environment

foam pit safety

Foam pits are specifically designed to protect people from impact related injuries. They help to ensure safety throughout a variety of sporting mediums. Whether that person is training as a gymnast or bouncing the day away at a trampoline park, foam pits keep thousands of people safe every day. There are however steps and considerations one should make to maximise levels of foam pit safety.

Foam Pit Safety – Things to Consider

We’ve been in the foam industry for a very long time, more than 40 years in fact! We take the quality of products and the service we provide extremely seriously. From the skill of our employees to the quality of our materials, only the very best goes into everything we create. Foam is a fantastically versatile material. It’s used in many applications from comfort to protection. When it comes to pit foam, the main intention is of course for it to protect. Of course, we want it to look great as well, but safety will always be our first and foremost priority.

The Quality of Your Pit Foam

Our website offers a range of foam grades which are specifically suitable for use in foam pits. Our XTREME Foam for example is one our highest specification grades. It is ideal for use in foam pits built to protect BMX and Motocross riders where a firmer landing is required. Before purchasing any pit foam, you should know the grade you’re receiving and fully understand it’s suitability. Our team of highly experienced professionals are always happy to offer you advice and fully explain the grades of foam we offer here.

Do You Have Enough Foam?

Making sure you have adequate amounts of pit foam is just as important as selecting a suitable grade. Your pit should be sufficiently filled with foam cubes or logs to ensure maximum levels of foam pit safety. Unsure how much foam you’ll need to fill your pit? We’ve built a foam pit calculator for that exact purpose. Just input the dimensions of your pit and you’ll get an instant and estimation of how much pit foam you’ll require.

Safeguarding at Your Foam Pit

It’s important to make sure supervision is in place at all times when people are using your foam pit. Safeguarding is a vital part of foam pit safety and should not be ignored. Those using your foam pit should understand the correct way to use it and follow it always. You should place safety notices around your foam pit to inform people of the correct protocol. In the unlikely event of an emergency, members of staff should be trained in CPR to provide adequate care.

Talk to Us About Foam Pit Safety

If you would like to discuss our pit foam with a member of the team, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us via our contact form or by calling us on 01494 441177. We are always happy to offer advice on our foam, to help you make the right decision.