Foam Tricks to Try at Your Local Foam Pit

Pit Foam Tricks - BMX Tail Whip
Is there a local foam pit near you? Better yet do you own one? If you have the chance to use a foam pit, you’ll want to make the most of it. Whether you ride a BMX, skateboard or fancy yourself a gymnast, here’s some awesome foam tricks for you to try.

Foam Tricks For Trampolining and Gymnastics

Turn your body into the ultimate spectacle without tattooing yourself from head to toe. Unleash your body’s true potential and move without limits. These foam tricks are bound to drop a few jaws.

Back Flips and Front Flips:

Probably the most well known and most commonly practiced foam tricks in gymnastic history. The back flip is essentially a backwards somersault, where the gymnast outstretches their arms and legs. A front flip, as the name suggests is the opposite to a back flip. A foam pit is perfect for practicing these foam tricks in order to avoid injury. Once you’ve nailed it, you’ll be able to attempt these stunts away from the foam.


Once you’ve mastered the front flip, why not give this eye-popping foam trick a try? The barani flip involves a front flip combined with a half twist (180 degree turn). What could be better than spicing up the classic frontflip?

Foam Tricks For Skateboarders.

Skateboarding has been around since the early 1950’s, since then it’s evolved tremendously. Since then, skateboarders have continued to defy the laws of physics daily. You can too with these gnarly foam tricks!

180 – 1080:

These foam tricks are aerial spins. This may seem pretty simple, but for years skateboarders have competed in their efforts to perform the biggest degree turn. The first ever 1080 degree rotation was performed in 2012 by a boy of only 12 years old. A 1080 consists of three full rotations whilst airborne. Don’t get ahead of yourself, practice some smaller foam tricks first and work your way up. A 180 is a good start.


No it’s not the new sandwich from McDonald’s, this one’s not for the faint of heart. Foam tricks such as these take serious dedication and nerve. The McTwist involves performing an inverted backside 540. A rider must grab the heel side of the board with their front hand, turn backside towards their toes and then land forward. If that’s not enough, all of this must be done whilst performing a 540 degree rotation.

Foam Tricks For BMX.

Bikes aren’t just for getting from A to B, they’re also tools to aid in attempting incredible stunts and foam tricks.


This one’s not too difficult and great for rookies looking to push themselves that little bit further. An X-Up (also known as a Cross-Up) involves a rider turning their handlebars 180 degrees whilst maintaining their grip. The rider must then rotate their handlebars back before they land. If done correctly, a rider’s arms will form an X shape whilst in mid-air.


This BMX trick isn’t so easy. Foam tricks vary in difficulty and this one is up there as one of the hardest. A Tailwhip involves a full 360 degree rotation of the entire bike frame whilst in mid-air. Once the bike frame has made it’s full rotation, the rider must resume their original riding position whilst still airborne. Tricky right?

If you’re thinking of attempting any of these foam tricks, we can’t recommend more that you take the correct safety precautions. Along with the protection foam pits provide, it’s wise to also wear a helmet plus additional protection. Tricks are fun, badly hurting yourself however is not!