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As suppliers to world-renowned Olympic gold medallists, we can offer you a fantastic range of foam cubes & logs for your gymnastics foam pit.

Every serious gym needs a gymnastics foam pit and no elite gymnastics training programme would be complete without one. A foam pit offers a safe landing, allowing gymnasts to better their abilities.

A gymnastics foam pit is useful for vault, tumbling, beam dismounts, safe bar skill learning, bar release moves, bar dismounts, skills off the trampoline, ring dismounts, P-bar dismounts and more.

Choosing the Best Gym Pit Foam for Your Gymnastic Safety Pit

Our gym pit foam team is here to assist you through the selection process, but here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect gymnastics safety pit.

Larger foam blocks are safer – Although we still get many requests for our 6” foam blocks, we recommend the larger 8” foam cubes. The larger cubes offer a greater amount of dead space air between the cubes; maximising the ability for the foam to absorb impact from the gymnast.

Use thicker foam on the sides and bottom of your pit – All pit sides should be padded with signature thick mats. Although the industry standard is only 1¼” we believe this is insufficient to safely pad against the concrete underneath if the gymnast should fall on the pit edge. As such, thicker crash mats offer a better room for error to extend the landing safety margin.

Pit depth is the most important factor when choosing the size of your pit – In a standard gymnastics foam pit, it is recommended that the pit is 6-8 feet (around 2 meters) deep along with base pit liner foam. The deeper the better as this is what stops the user from hitting the hard surface hidden beneath.

Fluff pits regularly – Loose gym pit foam should be fluffed up regularly to prevent foam compression which can reduce the efficiency of the foam (as it is the packets of air between the blocks that take most of the impact). The pits can be fluffed manually or you can even use special hydraulic devices to do this for you.

Keep your gym foam pits clean – Depending on the amount of use, it is best practice to remove foam cubes and vacuum the bottom of the pit from time to time to reduce foam dust build-up.

Safety Warning For Gymnasts Using Your Gym Pit

No gym pit or landing surface of any kind can completely eliminate serious neck or back injuries. You should make every effort possible to avoid landing on your back or neck, especially when going forward. We recommend working closely with your training team to progress at a safe level to avoid a dangerous landing.

Try not to land in the pit in an arched position or on your knees. Doing so (especially in a frontward arched position) can hyperextend and injure your back.

Supporting Team GB

We pride ourselves on being a pillar to the UK foam industry. All of our products are manufactured right here in the UK. We ethically source all of our materials and our products are converted in-house, by our team of expert foam cutters.

All of our gym pit customers are happy with our personalised gym pit service and with over 40 years in business, we have grown to become one of the most competitive priced foam companies around.

If you would like further information on gym pit foam and a quote for your gym, please contact us or call our pit foam team on 01494 441177. We would be more than happy to talk through your foam pit requirements and offer expert advice.