How to Build a Foam Pit For Your Gym

Building a foam pit has never been easier.

Construction of a foam pit is fairly easy to do. You will require some base pit foam made to measure and then to top it up with our foam pit blocks, foam cubes or foam pit logs. But before you can start construction of your foam pits read through our step by step foam pit guide below.

How to Build a Foam Pit For Your Gym

1. Choose How Large You Want Your Foam Pit

Before you start considering how to build your foam pit, it is very important to think about the main use for the pit. Will it be used for specific manoeuvres and tricks, maybe even alongside equipment like BMX and skateboards?

All of these things will have an impact on the required depth, length and width of the foam pit. Depth in particularly is very important as this is what stops the user from banging on the hard surface hidden beneath. In a standard gymnastic foam pit it is recommended that the pit is 6-8 feet (around 2 metres) deep along with base pit liner foam. This depth is usually good enough for BMX and skateboard park pits as well providing you use our Xtreme foam.

For the length of the foam pit you need to think of the primary use again and this time think about how far athletes are likely to travel. To be safe we recommend adding a few extra feet to provide a larger safety area.

For the width of foam pits take into account error left and right for when athletes perform tricks. Add a little extra again to choose a reasonable safe landing zone. Overall by taking into account speed, distance travelled and possibility of error you should be able to create a foam pit that is safe for your users.

2. Choose Where To Place Your Foam Pit

You now know the size of the foam pit you are going to build but where are you going to build it; inside or outside? Inside pits are the most common here in the UK and used for trampoline parks, gymnastic clubs and skate parks. However outdoor pits are becoming more common for the likes of snowboarding, skiing and moto-cross.

With indoor foam pits you won’t need to worry too much other than to check that there is enough height for the manoeuvres to be done safely but outdoor foam pits are open to the elements like rain and snow. These pits will require more maintenance and even waterproof covers and water resistant foam cubes. If left uncovered to rain and snow these foam pits can start to grow mould where the foam cubes don’t fully dry out. In some instances, this can lead complaints about sickness.

3. Calculate How Many Foam Pit Cubes or Foam Pit Logs You Require

Calculating the number of cubes needed to fill a pit used to be a mathematical nightmare but you can now do this quickly with our nifty online calculator:

4. Choose the Type of Foam Pit Grade and Foam Cube Density

We sell a wide range of fire retardant foam. To make it easier for you to choose the best foam for your pit, take a look at the table below which outlines what to use for each application.

Foam Type Grade Ref. Application
XTREME Foam GB33 Our premium specification foam, offering the highest density foam with the longest life expectancy. Most popular for Motorcycle and BMX pits where firmer landing support is required.
High Density Pit Foam GB30 Our most popular foam grade for gym pits, giving great all round performance with excellent physical characteristics.
Best Value Gym Pit Foam GB24 Our best value for money gym pit foam, most popular with clubs working to a tight budget or looking for a top up in between full refills.
Trampoline Coloured Foam GB24 Our Intense range of coloured foams, provide off the shelf colour impact for Trampoline Parks and Gym Pits and provide a great all round performance. This is our most popular range for Trampoline Pits. We are able to offer multiple colours to provide impact for your brand!
Colour MATCH Choose Your Grade In addition to our vast range of colours – We are able to Colour Match foam to most Pantone and RAL colours, to create an exclusive colour for you to support your Corporate Branding. If you require a specific colour let our team know at the time of ordering. Please note, some colours have a minimum order quantity.

5. Order Gym Pit Foam Cubes, Foam Walls and Foam Base Layer

Once you have determined your foam pit size and location, and the grade of foam you want to use, you are ready to place your order. The GB Foam gym pit team are here to help you if you still have any more questions. You can talk to them in our online chat or if you prefer to talk on the phone you can reach them on 01494 44 11 77.

6. Enjoy Your New Foam Pit!

Set up your fancy new gym foam pit and have fun!

We have sold our foam to gyms, trampoline parks and a number of extreme sports skate parks and BMX parks for practicing the most extreme of stunts. You can see a great video on how the largest UK foam pit ramp was constructed below:

Disclaimer: This “How to Build a Foam Pit”guide is for informational use only. When building your foam pit please consult an insurance company for liability protection. GB Foam will not be held liable for improper building of your foam pit. All of the information in this article consists of industry standards for the UK.