Why Use Foam Pits for Extreme Sports and Gymnastics?

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Foam pits go hand in hand with extreme sports and gymnastics like salt and pepper. They allow athletes to push themselves to the limit in order to realise their true potential. If it weren’t for foam pits, gymnasts such as Shawn Johnson, Kristian Thomas and Gabby Douglas may never have ascended to Olympic greatness. Foam pits in skate parks have also made it much safer for extreme sports enthusiasts to push their potential. This has prompted a new generation of extreme sports stars who may have never realised their talent without foam pits.

Foam Pits in Extreme Sports

Foam pits have played an integral role in the evolution of extreme sports. This is especially the case for sports such as skateboarding and BMX’ing. Foam pits allow skaters and cyclists to be bigger and bolder than ever before. By eliminating the potential for serious injury, bigger stunts can be attempted more frequently and with less of a fear factor.

As a skatepark owner, the last thing you’ll want is for your customers to be injured. Injuries appear to be a part and parcel nature of extreme sports, but they needn’t be. Most of these injuries will be as a result of self inflicted accidents, but they can be avoided.

You may not be directly accountable for these injuries, however they still never look good from a business perspective. Legal cases could arise and bad press is likely to spread. It’s inevitable that aspiring daredevils will attempt potentially dangerous stunts. With a foam pit installed into your skatepark, you can satisfy their thrill seeking needs whilst still protecting your own interests. Foam pits provide the ultimate level of protection for those wishing to flip and spin to their hearts content. Less bruises and more fun, an ideal situation indeed.

Foam Pits in Gymnastics

Foam pits in gymnastics play a similar role to their use in extreme sports. They are however more frequently used in professional training scenarios, but can also be used in leisurely activities. These are perfect for allowing gymnasts to practice aerial stunts such a backflips.

The great thing about foam pits is that they dramatically decrease the potential for injury. Injuries for athletes can be potentially catastrophic and could delay or even end their career depending on the severity. Cushioning support from foam will greatly decrease the chance of broken bones and torn muscles, which is great news for gymnasts!

Foam pits can be used for training purposes in conjunction with a variety of gymnastic equipment such as the high bar, pommel horse and vault. These can help aspiring gymnasts to further achieve and grow as an athlete.

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